Bring in the money – Day 13/139

I spent some time today to present my first subproject (the one I pitched last week) to the Tuli people. After a fair bit of discussion I’m quite positive that we’re getting the first funding to get things rolling!

In the first stage we’re talking about 5000 € (less than $7000) that can only be spent on goods and services that directly support the project. That is exactly what I’m going to do. I will launch an alpha version of a social media web service in about a month from now. I presented some people I need to get it done in my entry on Day 11.

This is how I’ve planned to spend the 5000 €

  1. Website interaction design & wire-frames, about 15 views, 1000 € (50 % complete)
  2. Website graphical design and layout, about 1000 €
  3. Development weekend with a small dedicated core team, about 3000 €.

There are still openings in the core team. People won’t join the team for the money but since this money doesn’t directly count towards my goal it’s best to invest it to things that do.

What else

I had so many lively discussions around my project today that I’m just thrilled with excitement. Great things will be accomplished with you people!


2 responses to “Bring in the money – Day 13/139

  1. Have you taken into account the infrastructure (server, domain & whatnot) costs of launching your website into that sum or will it be a later cost to consider?

  2. That is a good point. However, those costs are nowadays close to insignificant. You get a fine dedicated server for less than $100 per month.

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