The game of life revisited – Day 23/139

In my earlier post “It’s just a game” I briefly touched the idea of life being a game.

Game development guru and professor Jesse Schell takes the idea even further. He presents a set of rules how the game could work. His whole presentation in DICE 2010 is available here:

DICE 2010: “Design Outside the Box” Presentation

It takes almost 30 minutes but I bet it’s worth every minute of it. In Schell’s game everything we do in the real life becomes a part of game system where everyone and everything is scored. He sees this as the inevitable future and ends his show by asking:

Who in this room will lead us to get there?

In my opinion, it’s not the question of getting there. We already are there. The question is how do we get out?

Our real world is a game where the money is the score. And you’re already playing the game whether you wanted or not.

The only universal end result seems to be that the game sucks with this scoring system. Just ask anyone who ever made it to the high score list.


One response to “The game of life revisited – Day 23/139

  1. Antti Kontio

    Can there really even be a universal scoring card for the game?

    I could say, that the game is on and the score is counted with the amount of love and contribution you manage to produce in your lifetime.

    In this scoring system at least if you asked from a person in high score list what’s up, the answer will be quite different 🙂

    I think that everyone of us is playing the game a bit modified rules and a different points. I also think, that it is important to choose that kind of game and set of rules that you really can and will be a winner 🙂


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