Challenge yourself – Day 24/139

People grow up to be skeptical about everything. People need proof.

My project will come to conclusion the day it has enough believers. So my question is:

What would it take for you to believe?

This is my open challenge to everyone reading my blog. Think of an additional challenge that would convince you about the huge potential in this project. The challenge can be basically anything:

  • What would you like me to do?
  • Who would you want to join me and why?
  • Where should I present myself?
  • When should I have something done?
  • or something else even loosely related to the task of making  a million.

Think of it as reality TV where you can affect the story.

Drop a comment and tell me what you need. It could change both of our lives.


7 responses to “Challenge yourself – Day 24/139

  1. Personally, I think the biggest reason to believe in this project is your attitude towards it. When you believe in it and dedicate yourself to work hard to make it true, the likeliness of succeeding increases in tenfold.

    You should focus on making customers and when you have some, focus on making more of them. It may not be the “instant win” button, but that way you should be able to experience aggressive growth a while after the start.

    • Thank you Bisnes.

      It was great to read your blog entry from yesterday. Your Finnish summary is so far the best one written about this project and I hope you get many new readers on you blog from here.

      What you said about customers is essential. It’s not even about a customer of two, it’s about a market that we can project to be enormous in size. There is no instant win. Only happy customers.

  2. I agree with Bisnes, you have to believe first, the others will follow.

    However, it makes me a bit sceptical when you say “by joining you’ll end up making just the amount of money you wanted to make to start with”. Ok, what if I want to pay my home loan of 200k € by the end of this year, would that be a reasonable goal? And why stop there, why not double the money or triple it?

    What I would want you to do is explain how that can be achieved 🙂

    • Thanks Minna, you have understood correctly. By my own example I will show how money can be made by anyone.

      But the money isn’t the point. The point is what truly makes you happy? Is that 200 k€ apartment by the end of the year the dream that would make you tick like never before? I don’t think so. One should first go through all their values and see what they truly want. If it is money you want, then why do you want it?

      My own answer is simple. I want to make a million to show how valuable sincerity and authentic helping of people can be even in our society.

  3. I’m glad you liked my blog post. I made it because your project is something that everyone can (should) learn from. So, I wanted to tackle some common fallacies.

    I’ll put my keypoints here for everyone to read, if you don’t mind:
    Failing to meet targets doesn’t equal failing in business.
    In their fiscal year ending June 2009, Microsoft had their first decline in profits in 23 years. Yet, the company profited 14 billion.
    In FY ending March 2010, Nintendo fails to meet their targets. Because of this, the company sees their profit per employee ratio to decline to a level Google has.

    Million is a lot of money for one man, but only a drop in the ocean on a global scale. Judging by last years world GNP, it takes only 0,55 seconds to create the million. And I think a smart guy could steal the half of a second of the worlds time.

    It’s better to set your target a little too high, since that way you never stop trying.

  4. Hi Petteri,

    have you been in contact with The Hub Helsinki -people already? You have many ideas that the hubbers share, so you might get some advice and ideas from that network (which is pretty global already).

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