Expose yourself – Day 28/139

I’ve spent the most of today finalizing our business plan for the Venture Cup deadline tomorrow at noon. Better yet, my team has been supporting me in this undertaking.

My first exposure today was at Zipipop where I was apparently the first one to use their Zipi Doctor service. Thanks guys for sharing your ideas. It was great to reflect my thoughts with you.

While writing the plan I got a rare opportunity to sit next to a room full of high-ranking Finnish business and IT people discussing about their own business ideas and venture funding scenarios.

The opportunity to pitch my idea to them was so appealing that I did just that. I even remembered to link them here to my blog. So thank you guys for your valuable time.

If any of you read this entry, I challenge you to rate my pitch on a scale of 1 to 10.

For an entrepreneur it is important to constantly utilize the possibilities to expose themselves to criticism. The more knowledge the people listening to you have, the better comments you usually get. And if you don’t get any criticism that means the audience doesn’t understand what you’re saying.

Expose yourself to the worst possible criticism. That gives you the best possible starting point for improving yourself for the next pitch.


One response to “Expose yourself – Day 28/139

  1. Ville Simola

    Way to go Petteri!

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