How to start a business – Day 31/139

Let me tell you a true story on how a person should start a business.

My youngest brother Iiro is 20 years old. He doesn’t intend to have a job for the rest of his life. He has zero respect for making money which means integrity. But his respect for other people is enormous.

His coaching has contributed to my success.

When I make my million it is much to his credit. His coaching is by far the best I’ve ever received, from anyone. I told him his service is immensely valuable so we set the price at 10,000 € + tax.

Within hours, my brother had become from an unemployed person to the highest priced life coach in the country.

That is how you start a business. Check out his advertisement (in Finnish) on his new website


7 responses to “How to start a business – Day 31/139

  1. Cool. I didn’t know Iiro was teh awesome.

  2. I got a customer for Iiro already. Yay!

  3. Nothing personal, but paying 10k to a 20-year-old guy for life change coaching is even crazier than listening Jari Sarasvuo’s “sisäinen sankari” in a cold carpark in the 90s or investing all your money into Wincapita..

    • Nice Murre!

      You really have to be crazy for paying 10k€ for anything useless. That’s why the service is free until you want to pay yourself.

      On the other hand, getting your life changed can easily be worth a million, so it would be crazy not to pay 10k€ for the guy who helped you make it.

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