The inevitable success – Day 36/139

Our 20,000 € application for further Tuli funding of our project was denied today.

The funny thing is that I’m not a least bit upset about this. The pros of freedom in decision making are overwhelming compared to the cons of not getting the money.

How could you fail if you turn every negative event into a success?

Obviously you can’t. People usually just want to see the negative side of things.

Every negative event has something positive in it. You just have to look for it.

I went through my list of good ideas today. It was indeed an interesting thing to do. I noticed that I had documented a lot of ideas that had already failed or pending for failure. Here are some examples:

  • I had contacted altogether seven people that weren’t interested in what I’m doing. In the meantime the people that were interested had pointed me towards 13 more people that could be potentially useful contacts.
  • I had discussed a total of 11 business ideas with people. Three of these were completely ignored or heavily criticized, six have potential, one is being implemented and one is already in production.
  • I had 11 ideas that didn’t make it to this blog. At the same time I had 24 ideas that did.

What if I had just stopped trying after the first few failures?

It’s good that I didn’t. Success is the inevitable consequence of failing many times enough.


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