It’s good to be personal – Day 38/139

I’ve received thanks for writing this blog with my own name and a personal touch.

The two most important aspects of being personal are:

  1. Integrity. Whatever you do in business or in your personal life, you must have integrity. You have to show that you can be trusted. It’s a lot easier to trust a person that shows who they are.
  2. Passion. Passion is the driving force of our society. Without passion there cannot be success. Passionate people rarely have the need to be evil.

Using this as a starting point I added a short biography of myself to the about me page.

I challenge all my readers to go through the things you’ve felt passionate about. It can be extremely rewarding to identify them and see if you need something new to be passionate about.

Respect and good feedback promised to anyone who dares to present their passions here as a comment.


4 responses to “It’s good to be personal – Day 38/139

  1. My ultimate passion is to be here co-creating a new humanity that will be like a joy of a child and the control of warrior combined with the force of a jedi. And to do this work in beloved Finland using our beautiful language as a tool. 🙂

  2. I share your passion to geocaching, as you know, though it never was an obsession to me… But, because of your blog, I started to think about my other free-time activity, hobby, life style or passion; namely scouting.

    It became my passion on 7th grade (when I was about 13 years old) but sometimes later it has felt like a duty too. The questions that are currently in my mind relates to this: When a passion becomes a duty? Can one thing be both at the same time? Is it a good or bad thing or does it matter at all?

    At the moment I think that without the passion I wouldn’t have done the duties, would have quit scouting and probably missed so many fun moments that did not feel like duty. But I keep on looking for more answers to my questions – while planning the next meeting with our group of adventurers. 🙂

    • Thank you for reflecting your thoughts here Tuu-tikki.

      I think you haven’t yet defined your passion specifically enough. Obviously nothing can be 100 % positive all the time even if you had a passion for the subject.

      Still, I would recommend that you would think about the things you really like about scouting and the things that you don’t. Knowing the pluses and minuses could help you make decisions that support your passion.

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