The meaning of life – Day 42/139

To commemorate the 42nd day of my project, I’m going to tell you the meaning of life. I’m going to skip the philosophical discussion and move straight into conclusions.

What is the reason for our existence?

  1. We’re here to help others. Nothing has a meaning unless it is shared with people. Helping others is the only way to do meaningful things. Anything and everything in the history of mankind can be discussed in terms of how it has helped other people.
  2. We’re here to maximize our happiness. Helping others is the key to generating mutual happiness. Every individual has a mission to primarily help themselves in being happy and secondarily help everyone around them.
  3. We’re here to find an equilibrium. In the bigger picture we’re here to make the world a better place for everybody. That means the meaning of life is not to keep growing exponentially. Happiness derived from exponential growth will eventually collapse.

Combining these thoughts, I have written my definition for the meaning of life as follows:

The meaning of life is to make yourself happy by making other people happy and in a way that the result is genuine, not temporary.

Who could disagree with any of this?


3 responses to “The meaning of life – Day 42/139

  1. I bet someone could disagree with you since the meaning of life is in its self a very subjective matter. However, what’s stated above is rather pleasant, and I don’t mind people believing in such a reason for their existence.

  2. Indeed someone could disagree, just take me for example, I totally disagree with you. The simple meaning of life is to connect the two dots of birth and death in as complicated manner as possible.

    • Thanks for this opinion Jake. The question is, does this definition work for you?

      Are you happy with the current complexity of your life? Are you taking any steps to influence the way you are going to connect the dot you call death?

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