A few undeniable facts – Day 47/139

Let me start giving you a quote presented by Mårten Mickos on his Twitter account.

In business, too much naiveté makes you fail – but complete lack of it prevents you from winning big.

Now, think of the biggest possible goals and place them on the naivety axis. Here are some examples:

  • World peace
  • Racial equality
  • Ecological awareness.

The really big thoughts have undeniable advantages for the whole humanity. The only obstacle in reaching these goals is the humanity itself.

Setting aside the fact that any big idea needs to be naive enough to become popular, I’ve collected here some vague themes that we will be addressing with our project:

  1. Our idea will be an ethical way to helping the fellow-man
  2. Our idea will be an ecological choice against the consumer society
  3. Our idea will be a game that everyone is already playing but just not counting their score in it
  4. Our idea will motivate people to exercise more
  5. Our idea will offer people the chance to make some extra money completely legally and without any obligations.

Our idea is still pretty far from the top of the naivety axis. Still, even touching a single one of these goals could change the world for the better.


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