Positive feedback – Day 48/139

During the last few days I’ve received quite a few praises about my project and especially about my openness and the inspiring message in my writings.

Generally, it takes miracles for anyone to send positive feedback.

I will argue that people tend not to send feedback unless they are really impressed about something. If half-a-dozen people have been inspired about my project in the last few days, there has to be a great majority who just haven’t found the words to say it.

Why is the positive feedback so important?

The theoretical concept of positive feedback in sociology has the answer:

If enough people believe that something is true, their behavior makes it true.

The only weakness in this phenomenon is that only publicly expressed feedback counts. Luckily, only 2 % of my readers are hoping for my project to fail and probably have nothing positive to say about it.

Even a smile is an expressed positive feedback.

Giving positive feedback to other people doesn’t require effort. Think of a society, where people expressed positive emotions even without any apparent reason.

Give it a go! Try smiling with the next few people you meet and see how they react. Then come back here and tell us how it went.


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