Just do it! – Day 49/139

According to a poll in Iltalehti, 91% of the respondents want out of the rat race. No wonder, since 53 % don’t even know why they are in the rat race in the first place.

These figures are just amazing.

In a recent keynote speech I learned the name for this phenomenon. It is called status quo bias. Basically it means that people prefer to take even a constant load of crap if it’s crap that they are used to and familiar with.

But the bias doesn’t end here.

The funny thing is that the handful of people who have been most willing to join my team are from the 9 % minority. People who are already happy with their lives and refuse to take crap from anyone.

The only way I can explain this is that the people who have suffered long enough have lost a part of their soul in the process. It’s increasingly difficult to attract a soulless person for anything new.

Are you in the 91 % majority willing to escape from the rat race?

If the answer is yes, I have the solution for you.

Tell your story here and I will do everything in my power to help you out. If your story is compelling enough I could even pay Ihmeparantaja Iiro to consult you free!


3 responses to “Just do it! – Day 49/139

  1. The poll in Iltalehti was poorly designed. It was basically the same as asking “Do you want to feel bad?” – I’d figure 91% of people would answer no.

    The problem inherent in the poll is that the word “rat race” has a negative tone to it. If the question all ready assumes you’re in it, the there’s really no question of wanting to get out. It would have been a lot more interesting if the question was “Do you feel like you’re in a rat race?”

    Most probably some 8% of the answers that we’re no (meaning no we don’t want to get out) actually assumed that the question was smarter in is meaning.

    Stats and polls like this only work to prove how poorly the media understands how to poll or make proper stats.

    • You are absolutely correct about the reliability of this poll. Obviously the result is also indicative of the people who read Iltalehti in the web and cannot be generalized to the whole population even if the question was placed more properly.

      However, this poll does indicate the extent of the problem. The majority of “people” keep dreaming instead of acting to increase their quality of life.

      However, even if the actual percentages were opposite there were still thousands of people out there who would benefit from acting to change their miserable lives.

  2. Of course. My comment was merely in place to point out the logical fail in the poll.

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