Branding it – Day 59/139

Mostly everyone thinks it’s impossible to come up with a great global brand name. The truth is it is actually quite easy.

Just look at the ones that did it.

Imagine yourself sitting in a conference room with a bunch of people thinking of a name for a company.

  • Microsoft. I got it! What’s between Millisoft and Nanosoft?
  • Google. I like my goggles, let’s go with that.
  • Yahoo! Ok, you guys are officially high!
  • Twitter. The place for all the twits in the Internet.
  • YouTube. IBroadcast, WeVideo, You…
  • Flickr. Yes, is available, without the ‘e’.
  • Foursquare. Ok guys, think of an integer and a basic shape…

The bigger you aim to go with your brand the less it matters what you call it. If you have even less imagination than the guys at the examples, you can go to this page and start looking. You get a couple of short brand names with a dot-com available on every refresh.

If you see someone paying for a brand name, that means they’re just fishing for unearned increment for their otherwise no-good business. The real champions know it’s not about the name, it’s about the execution.


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