Millionaire magic – Day 61/139

There are millions of millionaires in the world and they all have their own money-making method. I was recommended to familiarize myself with the teachings of one of them, namely Brendon Burchard.

His teachings have several touch-points to what I do.

You can get an excellent overview of Burchard’s life and ideas by checking out his 90-minute Experts Academy Webinar. To summarize here are the bits and pieces that I agree with:

  • Anyone has the potential to become highly paid expert.
  • You have to choose something you’re passionate about to become good at it.
  • Show and share your passion and others will follow.
  • The money will come when you’re good enough in whatever it is that you do.

The slick 90-minute presentation has its pros but also its cons. The actual relevant content is really limited. The whole show has like 15 minutes of stuff that isn’t obvious or irrelevant. To top that off, the last 30 minutes of the his video is basically just hype-marketing his program. Needless to say, it still worked.

800 people paid $2,000 just to join his program, that’s 1.6 million dollars right there.

What should we learn from this?

At least that it doesn’t matter even if your message is 80 % rubbish. If that rubbish doesn’t scare people off, you have a chance of finding someone to follow you just for the other 20 %.

What do you think? Why is Burchard so successful in what he does? Is he ripping people off or actually creating more value than his services cost?


2 responses to “Millionaire magic – Day 61/139

  1. Here’s a good read about millionaires:

    Millionaires are in real life just like every one else. They drive old cars and look just like any one else. What they did their money is just smart choices.

    • Thanks for the link KTR! I agree that most millionaires are just like the next person. The most distinctively different kinds of millionaires are probably the lottery jackpot winners.

      I would like to think that people who make their fortune doing the things they love would be happier with their fortune compared to people who have accumulated their wealth by saving from their income. Often it seems that these two groups are actually the same group of people.

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