Ignorance is a bliss – Day 65/139

A business idea is like a baby. It is at its most vulnerable right after it is born. Then it slowly starts to develop and learn from others. An idea cherished by loving parents is likely to grow strong and prosper.

Don’t expose your baby to the horrors of the world from the start.

For the first time during our project, our business idea was thoroughly studied this week by a new member in our team. He was able to point out that almost an exact copy of our idea had been tried out multiple times in several different countries. Without any remarkable success.

If you have a newborn business idea in your hands, such news can be fatal. You’ll easily end up seeing just the negative side of things. Even worse, if you continue, you could end up copying the points that have made others to fail. It’s difficult to say if I had acted differently if I had stumbled upon these ideas on the early stage of my project.

Raise your baby to success, don’t just teach it lessons.

The situation is completely different when your idea is already raised to be strong. With a dedicated team of people, you can put things in right perspective. It is important that several individuals have contributed to the idea to make it stronger and more versatile.

So teach your idea a lesson when it’s ready to take it. Before that it might be beneficial just to stay ignorant.


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