Status update 6 – Day 67/139

It is amazing how pieces start to fit into the puzzle when you’re determined to achieve a goal.

The technical team has been working like crazy for the last few days. We can now publicly announce that the alpha version of our service will be opened on Monday, April 19th. 42 people have already registered to the Alpha testing mailing list.

Next week I will have three whole days on a military refresher course and will spend two more days traveling there and back. This is a perfect opportunity for my team to show that I’m not a critical resource in this project. However, I won’t allow any breaks in this blog, so you can still expect a post per day. I will either preset something in advance or settle for a few surprise entries.

Obviously we still haven’t made any money with this project but there is a glimpse of light in the end of the tunnel. Our service will be free, but we’ve successfully tested and integrated an SMS payment gateway for the future needs.


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