The importance of you – Day 70/139

Everything in our lives is connected to everything we are. We cannot experience anything without being the person who has lived our past.

The parts of our life are intertwined and one part affects the others more than we may think. It’s obvious when we start to think about it. The mood swings in a personal relationship, for example, will affect the mental state of a person in all areas of life. I will argue that people focus most of their attention to the part of life that gives them most pleasure and least pain.

Is there something wrong with this?

The answer is no.  But if you focus all your energy to the part of life that feels the best, you are instantly missing out on the other parts that potentially could make you feel even better. Or better yet, achieve a full joy in life.

What are people really trying to achieve in life?

I believe the three things that people try to achieve in life – either consciously or subconsciously – are happiness, joy and excitement. To achieve that you need to work in all areas of life. Everything affects everything so you can’t give your 100 % in any area unless all the other areas are on the same level.

My advice is to put your attention to solutions in areas that need most fixing. Those areas are the ones that are the hardest to put attention to and the ones that most negatively affect all the other areas.

So, don’t get sucked into the easy pleasures, but  focus on putting your life in balance and you and everyone around you will get more pleasure from life.

All is one, one is all.

Today’s blogger is Ihmeparantaja Iiro – one of the highest valued life coaches in the country and the team spirit consultant of the millionbefore30 project.


One response to “The importance of you – Day 70/139

  1. Luulin jo, että Petteri on kokenut kertausharjoituksissa arvokkaan herätyksen, mutta tämä olikin ihmeparantajan suusta 🙂

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