Ecological and ethical – Day 72/139

It was already in February when I got involved with this project. I was immediately interested as I saw the ecological and social perspectives involved.

As a team member I am in charge of cooperation. That includes companies, authorities and charities, among others. I started the project by interviewing some of these main interest groups.

Early on it became clear that customer dissatisfaction is very common among the existing customers in the market we’re targeting. Companies refuse to outsource these services because there is no one on the market they would like to cooperate with.

From the environmental perspective the current situation doesn’t make sense. Tons of perfectly good products are thrown away by companies in all parts of the distribution chain. People who try to use this system like it’s intended are ruthlessly abused and end up paying for nothing.

Remote services and lacking information between different locations are also challenges that the current market is facing. You really have to make an effort to go and do something you could do in just a few clicks on your web browser.

A nation-wide service that combines all the actors in this industry and creates a new communicating platform for them is really necessary.

Today’s blogger Tiina Aulanko does marketing of ethical and ecological products.


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