Abetti’s pizza principle – Day 100/139

I have been now writing this blog for 100 days. There have been ups and downs but my project is still standing.

But where is the money?

For some weird reason people keep asking me this. To show where the money is, I’ll quote my favorite professor Pier A. Abetti:

Think of companies like pizzas. Your startup is a whole mini pizza that you own. When you sell a part of it, the pizza becomes bigger. Would you rather own a whole mini pizza or a slice of the bigger pizza?

The lesson here is that the small slice of a bigger company tends to be worth more than the whole smaller company.

So the plan is this:

  • We have founded a company FinderBase Oyj that owns the FinderBase.com service.
  • We will arrange an issue of shares for FinderBase Oyj.
  • We will offer the shares to people who trust us and want to be a part in building a big phenomenon.
  • This will dilute our own ownership but will grow the company.

Would you be interested in getting our investor brochure?


3 responses to “Abetti’s pizza principle – Day 100/139

  1. Count me in. I actually thought about asking you but didn’t because I dont have too much laying around after investing most of it in my own startup. But diversifying is a good idea and I rather own a piece of a nobel-idea/high-risk/good people -company than some old-idea/moderate-risk/unpersonal company. In times like these when countries can go bankrupt and the stockmarket is crowded with shady actors I rather own something I understand and know.

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