See the forest for the trees – Day 101/139

People’s minds are cluttered with marketing information. Where ever you go, you are pushed to think, want, buy now, act now and whatever the marketer has decided you should do.

This makes people wary.

But there are delighting examples of people who can detect sincerity in what companies do. With FinderBase our service offering sounds so amazing that people stop to think about our business model. It is unheard of that a company could be doing something useful for others without trying to benefit.

The basic message is the key.

Reflecting our ideas today, we got quite a valuable piece of advice which applies quite well to almost anything:

Forget the bells and whistles and tell the people the message that they can understand.

If your business idea is new and revolutionary don’t market it as such. Tell the story so that they can relate to.

If you’re the first person to develop an automobile, don’t sell it as a horseless carriage. Sell it as a carriage where the horses are optional. It’s not like people would get rid of their horses overnight, is it?


2 responses to “See the forest for the trees – Day 101/139

  1. This is a good point. It’s often very difficult to make people understand that they can’t communicate all the bells and whistle’s of their new service in one sentence! Any good suggestions of how to make people understand that? How can this be explained?

    • This is a really relevant question. I sometimes notice also myself falling in love with a feature that I like but that isn’t that necessary for the average user.

      My point here was that new stuff should be explained using the arguments from the old stuff. Both technical and societal arguments from the old stuff are recognized by an average customer.

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