Passion vs. obsession – Day 110/139

Passion and obsession can be considered two sides of the same coin. Being passionate is about dedicating yourself to something. Being obsessive is about not dedicating yourself to anything else at all. Or well, obsession can surely be something, however small, that somehow controls your life.

Most people don’t appear obsessive.

I think most people have a collection of small obsessions that don’t appear on the outside but still control their lives. If you don’t have any obsessions and would like to try having one, keep reading. For everyone else:

If you don’t want another obsession STOP READING NOW! Reading forward will get you IRREVERSIBLY obsessed.

Ok. You were warned.

You are now playing the license plate game. Every time you see a license place you will pay attention to the number part. Your mission is to spot cars with each number from 1 to 999 in order.

You will remember this game every time you see a license plate.

If you forget where you were, you start over from the last number that you do remember for sure.

Best of luck with your new obsession. If this makes sense to you, there’s a club in Turku for people sharing your obsession.

Let me know if you see a 144.


2 responses to “Passion vs. obsession – Day 110/139

  1. Next 5!

  2. mää jäin joskus 23:een ja lopetin jo siihen 😀 (mutta nethackia oon pelannut jo 10 vuotta ja päässyt vain muutaman kerran meduusalle asti…)

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