Love or duty – Day 136/139

Under the last four months I’ve been preaching about doing only the stuff that makes sense to yourself. Now, I have to admit I haven’t been entirely accurate about this.

There are two positive exceptions to doing stuff you hate.

  1. Duty. Sometimes things just don’t make sense to you and still you have to do them. I spent several hours yesterday and today trying to compensate for a school work I failed earlier this spring. I don’t usually fail at school so the humiliation doubled the torture of having to do it again. Good stuff for building your character, when you think your character needs some building.
  2. Love. Doing things out of love is probably the best way to do them. The best part here is that you can never go wrong with doing something just for others. I wouldn’t have managed my school work if it wasn’t for my wife who helped me to do it. She didn’t like it either but still did it just out of love. Small things can have a big impact.

So when duty calls, get it over with. When love calls, answer it.


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