About me

My name is Petteri Kontio and I’m a 29-year-old on a mission to help other people.

I believe that when a person loves what he does the money will come eventually.

Money can’t make you happy but happiness can make you money.

My blog is about dreams and determination. The only way to positively affect your success is to set goals and believe in them and learn from your failures.

Try failing at everything you do. Eventually you will fail at failing which means you have succeeded.

Short bio

This is a short bio of me and the things I’ve felt passionate about.

In kindergarten I was passionate about girls. Or I’ve been more or less passionate about them ever since. Since 2007 my passion has been directed towards my lovely wife Liisa.

In school I was first passionate about carpentry. I love seeing something concrete made with my own hands. Later in school my passion was focused on maths. I’ve always been analytic by nature so I had no difficulties playing with numbers.

Starting from the age of seven I’ve been passionate about computers. First it was focused on playing games but later I realized the endless possibilities of programming and the Internet. My interest for computers led me to study Computer Science at TKK.

Around the age of 16 I was really passionate about a game called Magic: the Gathering and I still have my Power 9.

In the military I was generally passionate about – well, the military. I loved the simplicity of the environment. I could combine what I had learned in my previous life and contribute with my own passion for doing things better. This led to the first prize in the conscripts’ innovation competition.

Towards the end of my studies in 2004 I learned about Geocaching. I was really passionate about this sport. I was never much into sports but this was something I was good at from the start. I still love doing it, although it’s no longer an obsession.

Since February 2010 I’ve focused my passion for helping people through this project and for entrepreneurship in general.


I will gladly accept any private comments, requests or discussion to the email address millionbefore30@gmail.com. If you’d rather call me, my mobile number is +358 40 762 8329.


3 responses to “About me

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  2. I’m very curious about your project and the thought behind it.

    You seem to have an extraordinary motivation and courage, cause this kind of project needs a lot of those things and you seem to enjoy doing it with devotion.

    Thanks for your efforts and good luck!

    • Thanks Kenny for your encouraging comment. With feedback like yours it’s easy to tell I’m at least partially on a right track. That makes it easy to carry on with a project of this magnitude.

      I hope you too can be inspired by my project and apply the thoughts presented here also in your own life.

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