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It’s good to be personal – Day 38/139

I’ve received thanks for writing this blog with my own name and a personal touch.

The two most important aspects of being personal are:

  1. Integrity. Whatever you do in business or in your personal life, you must have integrity. You have to show that you can be trusted. It’s a lot easier to trust a person that shows who they are.
  2. Passion. Passion is the driving force of our society. Without passion there cannot be success. Passionate people rarely have the need to be evil.

Using this as a starting point I added a short biography of myself to the about me page.

I challenge all my readers to go through the things you’ve felt passionate about. It can be extremely rewarding to identify them and see if you need something new to be passionate about.

Respect and good feedback promised to anyone who dares to present their passions here as a comment.