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This is art – Day 79/139

Today morning I met with a performance artist and presented our lost&found service to her. As an engineer and a business person I love artists because they say what they fell. You can get to great lengths by doing what you know and can logically reason.

But there is a limit to logical reasoning.

At some point you have to take a leap of faith. You have to believe the feeling that what you do is good and act accordingly. This is my definition of art – the remarkable things that are only defined by feelings.

Business can be art in its purest form.

Today we had a constitutive meeting for founding a new company. Indeed a good way to celebrate the last two months of this million before 30 project. To leave out modesty to those who need it, we’re now owners of a new public limited company and I’m its majority shareholder.

Ask for the reasoning and you’ll get lousy explanations.

Ask for the feelings and you’ll see faces filled with love.

Recitals of life – Day 71/139

Last Sunday, I gave a recital in Helsinki. I sang Songs of Travel by Ralph Vaughan Williams and Finnish modernist Yrjö Kilpinen’s songs from series Kanteletarlauluja and Tunturilauluja. Pianist was Joel Papinoja.

Every now and then, when I am alone in the rehearsal room my mind wanders off to metaphysical questions. What is being? Why do I exist? Why do I waste my time singing? Why do I think this kind of things?

An outside observer would say that the recital on Sunday was what recitals basically are: we were at the stage and streamed the information to the audience which received it. That is the way most of the people see it.

A bus is an excellent place to observe people; people look out as if they were in null mode. Immediately, when they notice a friend entering the bus, they change the mode. They start to communicate. They come back to life.

Being is a crucial part of performing. If you are not at the stage you are not able to perform. Conceptualizing being through communication is a way to realise the idea of a singing performance. In the singing performance, the singer is not only a transmitting object: the singer becomes a part of the spectator’s mind and vice versa. The communication converts their minds into one. During the performance, the singer and the audience are only one mind.

I saw my old friend Petteri had started to write this blog. I called him and I was in. The project is spectacular. The project meetings are in many ways similar to a singing performance. They are both what I would call compressed being.

Today’s blogger is Oskari Nokso-Koivisto – the artistic director of the millionbefore30 project.