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Second to last – Day 138/139

After several months of writing, this is where I’ve come.

It seems like it’s all over but not everything is done.

On Tuesday I’ll be thirty, not that anyone would care,

since age is just a number, I had chosen mine to share.

Although I aimed at millions, I didn’t get a dime.

What I got was dreams and passion and had a great time.

I learned a lot about myself and what’s important in life,

it’s not money and possessions but others including  your wife.

This story has soon its ending but it’s not the last you’ll hear of me.

I’ll be back with new ideas that I’m sure you’d love to see.


The mystical money – Day 22/139

My namesake Petteri (Koponen) of Jaiku fame, has returned to his blog. His obvious intention is to promote his current business as an early stage seed investor in start-up companies.

What is interesting about Petteri’s blog is that already his second entry addresses the very essence of my project. He places his words rather ambitiously:

… a startup trying to change the World is as likely to succeed as another one going for a smaller, “more realistic” goal.

I couldn’t agree more. If you put your target sky-high, even a failure could be worth a fortune.

But what are the realistic goals? Most people in Finland live rather frugal lives. If you make 5,000 €/month, you are in the richest 5 % of the population! Now this makes you think.

Let’s do a small calculation

So a filthy rich person in Finland makes 5,000 €/month. That is 30 €/hour and that’s before tax. After the tax of let’s say 35 %, that person will end up with 0.32 €/minute. Yes, you heard correctly, that’s what the rich people make.

Now, the aluminum can refund in Finland is 0.15 €. If you spend less than an average of 28 seconds picking up and returning an empty can, you’re making more money than the 95 % of your fellow Finns. Remember this the next time when you look down on someone collecting empty cans for refund.