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Global penetration – Day 83/139

If you want to be big, you don’t want to be well-known in Finland. Almost all of the popular websites in Finland are irrelevant on a global scale.

Being global means being approachable.

FinderBase.com served today as an example of the global economy:

  1. An Israeli man
  2. using a Finnish service
  3. to search for an item lost in Kenya.

Being global isn’t necessarily about market entry strategies and marketing campaigns. It can be about helping people regardless of their whereabouts.

But why are there so few global Finnish brands?

Our country only has one single global brand, Nokia. The only way to create more global brands is through growth entrepreneurship. We keep subsidizing R&D, thinking it will create the next Nokia. But it won’t.

Then what?

To penetrate the global marketplace you only need a few hundred dedicated fans. How much should you pay a person to digg or like whatever you do, even once per day?

The funny thing is that not a single company with a few hundred employees could ever get all of them to like you online. The need for this is obvious and still no one does it.

If there was a company that would pay you for liking what they do, would you join it for the money?

Branding it – Day 59/139

Mostly everyone thinks it’s impossible to come up with a great global brand name. The truth is it is actually quite easy.

Just look at the ones that did it.

Imagine yourself sitting in a conference room with a bunch of people thinking of a name for a company.

  • Microsoft. I got it! What’s between Millisoft and Nanosoft?
  • Google. I like my goggles, let’s go with that.
  • Yahoo! Ok, you guys are officially high!
  • Twitter. The place for all the twits in the Internet.
  • YouTube. IBroadcast, WeVideo, You…
  • Flickr. Yes, flicker.com is available, without the ‘e’.
  • Foursquare. Ok guys, think of an integer and a basic shape…

The bigger you aim to go with your brand the less it matters what you call it. If you have even less imagination than the guys at the examples, you can go to this page and start looking. You get a couple of short brand names with a dot-com available on every refresh.

If you see someone paying for a brand name, that means they’re just fishing for unearned increment for their otherwise no-good business. The real champions know it’s not about the name, it’s about the execution.