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It works – Day 69/139

I’m speechless.

Check your e-mail alpha people.

Status update 6 – Day 67/139

It is amazing how pieces start to fit into the puzzle when you’re determined to achieve a goal.

The technical team has been working like crazy for the last few days. We can now publicly announce that the alpha version of our service will be opened on Monday, April 19th. 42 people have already registered to the Alpha testing mailing list.

Next week I will have three whole days on a military refresher course and will spend two more days traveling there and back. This is a perfect opportunity for my team to show that I’m not a critical resource in this project. However, I won’t allow any breaks in this blog, so you can still expect a post per day. I will either preset something in advance or settle for a few surprise entries.

Obviously we still haven’t made any money with this project but there is a glimpse of light in the end of the tunnel. Our service will be free, but we’ve successfully tested and integrated an SMS payment gateway for the future needs.

Reality check – Day 60/139

I started today by reading a book called Getting Real by 37 Signals. This book was especially recommended to me by several individuals and it sure delivers what it promises. The basic message is that making things simple is the superior way in almost every respect.

To put the teachings to action I spent the day sharing ideas with my friend who has assumed the role as the lead programmer in our project. After a while of tinkering with our website his message was:

You’ve achieved more in two hours than we did in the past two weeks.

This was obviously a joke but it unveils a part of the reality. It all comes down to three things:

  1. Remove everything unnecessary or confusing.
  2. Keep everything crucial.
  3. Make the crucial things simply work.

I used to work in IT project management and usually it was the customer that stopped a reality check being made on the software. The customer was so far away from the developer in the food chain that even simple things could become overly complex.

Whatever the project you’re working with, keep it as close to the fundamentals as possible. Keep it really simple.

Codin’ & pitchin’ – Day 32/139

Today we finally started developing our new social media web service. Two developers sat 11 hours straight for building the foundation in a functioning community.

I’ve worked a few years managing software projects and I can say these guys did in 11 hours what it takes a team of two 11 days in an average software firm. And they did the job with virtually zero management.

What did you do then?

I was running in circles and pitching our idea to a dozen people. Big thanks to all you who helped to develop the idea further.

One of these pitches was even videotaped so you can find the it online if you know where to look. However, it’s a poor quality video and will probably give you totally wrong idea on the whole concept, so don’t waste your time searching for it.

Where’s is the demo?

The demo will be out when it’s ready. Hopefully tomorrow. Or next week. Or Later.