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Bottom-up simple things – Day 127/139

Today’s guest blogger is Aleksis Nokso-Koivisto, Chairman of Board, FinderBase.

Back in the day, everything in the Finnish media was about making portals, and that seemed the future of internet. That even stretched to the Finnish version of dot-com bubble, the phenomenon of “wind suit investors”, referring to non-experienced ordinary people queueing in their jogging clothes to make sure to get their share of the last newly listed internet-company. Just check the photo in this article, if you want to remember the good old days:

Currently social media is everywhere.

For example, I was recently participating an event, in which some EU-funded projects reflected their experiences on usage of social media. Almost every project believed, that social media is important for them, and they were often doing something in the field. However, the most usual experience was “we just created a wonderful social media site for our public organization, but nobody is using it”. Well, I am not surprised, if the social media was implemented from a top-down starting point of the organization’s intent to build one in order to have one. The opposite starting point, the user, and their relations offer far more interesting setting for building the media. How can we serve our users with different types of media? What is the user doing, with what objects, with whom, why, how? And also, social media is not a technology question, it is – as the name says – a social question. If the organization is ready and interested to work in open, networked ways, and wants to utilize tools for that, the media will be found to serve it. But if the organization just wants to use social media because it’s trendy, probably there is no technical tool to solve the equation.

Lessons learned.

Social media today appears to me similar to “portal companies” 10 years and more back. It is important to be there, even if it takes some queueing outside for some strange reason – as long as you get your company/university/community/whatnot to utilize social media. If you want to succeed, keep it simple. Social media is just a set of tools and social interaction, nothing more mysterious. Think from the user perspective. Strive for the heart of the issue, understand it, and then solve it. That’s what made the winners 10 years ago, and that’s how you win your game in utilizing social media.

Things are simple, we shouldn’t make them complex.

Branding it – Day 59/139

Mostly everyone thinks it’s impossible to come up with a great global brand name. The truth is it is actually quite easy.

Just look at the ones that did it.

Imagine yourself sitting in a conference room with a bunch of people thinking of a name for a company.

  • Microsoft. I got it! What’s between Millisoft and Nanosoft?
  • Google. I like my goggles, let’s go with that.
  • Yahoo! Ok, you guys are officially high!
  • Twitter. The place for all the twits in the Internet.
  • YouTube. IBroadcast, WeVideo, You…
  • Flickr. Yes, flicker.com is available, without the ‘e’.
  • Foursquare. Ok guys, think of an integer and a basic shape…

The bigger you aim to go with your brand the less it matters what you call it. If you have even less imagination than the guys at the examples, you can go to this page and start looking. You get a couple of short brand names with a dot-com available on every refresh.

If you see someone paying for a brand name, that means they’re just fishing for unearned increment for their otherwise no-good business. The real champions know it’s not about the name, it’s about the execution.