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Failure is the key to all success – Day 7/139

I was rehearsing my pitch yesterday in preparation for the actual pitch I’ll be having on Wednesday. My rehearsal pitch failed miserably.

So what is it with failing that makes us so scared?

If you think of failing on the stage it is soon the only thing you’re thinking about. I will argue that you could actually benefit by trying to fail on purpose. Do something totally unexpected and you’ll be remembered for life!

Sunday was the toughest day I’ve had on this project. I failed to complete the business plan that I mentioned on my post on Day 5 and spent the most of Monday trying to recover from the failure. I even got my wife upset failing to get to bed on time. So my week started down in the dumps.

In hindsight all these failures were good and educational experiences.

But if the day started bad, it ended great! I got so much power from the unselfish acts of my readers: thank you Johanna, Juho and Hannu.

Later today I will be having the biggest and most important business meeting this year. Failing this one obviously means there’s an even bigger deal waiting just around the corner.


Making a million project – Day 1/139

Making things happen requires dreams, determination and drive. I’m currently a 29-year-old entrepreneur that will make a million before his 30th birthday.

In your dreams!

That’s what I would have said anyone who thinks they can make a million in 139 days, let alone starting from zero.

But how is it possible?

You’re probably thinking that the Internet is filled with tips and tricks on how to “make money staying in your own home” and this is just another trick in the bunch. I assure you that I won’t accept any trickery in achieving my goal and quite frankly achieving something by cheating people is not motivating. One could even try to make the money by gambling or by learning and mastering a skill known to bring easy bucks if you’re good at it – like Internet poker for example.

As I said I refuse to make the million by gambling but here’s the first free business idea to the first taker. Start taking in bets on whether I will make the million or not by June 29, 2010.

You’ll fail

Failure is a state of mind and accepting it as an option is bound to make a person fail eventually. If a goal is set to a million, you will end up making more or less.

Where’s the catch?

Society is obsessed with money. Everything can be measured in it and people are respected and rated by having it. Having a lot of money is probably the most common daydream. I have no clue what I would do with the money but I’ve set my goal high enough that people would find it challenging and set it in terms that anyone can relate to.

The reason I started this project now is that I just realized the importance of giving. I don’t expect to make this million by myself. I could have set the goal to wanting to give away nine out of ten million to the people that I trust and want to work with. Selfless giving has shown to be the true key to success. This being the case, I’m extremely interested in helping you and working with you in this project. How much money would you like to make with me?