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Human civilization – Day 105/139

Human civilization has done decisions that it can’t exactly be proud of. Whether real or fake, here’s an Internet meme that illustrates what went wrong:

Society has made free things more difficult.

The problem with the Western civilization is that it solves problems that have been caused by the society itself. The biggest things in our society have been built not for the people but for the society. Think of the biggest industries globally:

  • Banking & investments. Produces nothing of value.
  • Insurance. Produces nothing of value.
  • Oil production. Exploits non-renewable resources.

In contrast, let’s look at the favorite pastimes of Facebook users. Some highlights:

  • Farming. Like growing tomatoes and stuff.
  • Fishing. Growing and catching them etc.
  • Keeping pets. Having your own animals.

Two Eagles knew this already. People don’t need money or the infrastructure as we know it. They just want a farm by a lake to go fishing to with their cat.

Human nature – Day 92/139

Today, I attended a TEDx Helsinki event. I especially liked the speech by Juuso Nissilä, a founder at Valkee Oy. His company sells overpriced earplugs that put LED light straight to your brain through your ears.

Now, that is a great idea.

Although that might sound ridiculous, Juuso has pretty convincing research behind his business. The most interesting part is that he knows human nature. He points out the obvious fact that people are not designed to work in the modern-day society. The body just isn’t meant to do the stuff that we do.

  • You don’t receive enough exercise.
  • You don’t receive enough sunlight.
  • The food you eat is all wrong.

It doesn’t take a scientist to realize he is completely correct. People are not designed for office work. It cannot be a surprise to anyone that in these conditions a huge percentage of the population are getting depressed.

But what can we do?

I bet almost anyone can agree that you don’t need 185 € earplugs to cure you from this disease. What you need is exercise, sunlight and good food. The best part is that you get the first two ingredients for free and healthy food isn’t really that expensive either.

It’s the human nature to concentrate on the wrong stuff. First step is to agree on what is important. The second step is to act accordingly.

Mind you, I made a million in my sleep – Day 25/139

Have you ever woken up from your sleep with a great idea in your head?

I just did. It’s 4:30 am and suddenly it was clear to me. A small detail that has been bothering me about my business idea was solved.

This solution is the final link to turn my basically good idea to an idea of a lifetime. The solution has been standing in front of my eyes the whole time but I wasn’t able to formulate it to a thought.

The human mind is a super-powerful organ. It can process huge amounts of information even in your sleep. The mind prefers to process things you’ve just experienced or are going to experience in the near future. In your sleep you always see and experience a bit more than when you are awake. The subconscious mind has all the answers if you just remember to ask.

You can’t control your dreams

Well, you can’t but you can control the inputs. Yesterday, I had a powerful discussion about my project with an old friend. It was great to see how someone genuinely shared my enthusiasm to what we do. Dedicating yourself to something will make you dream about the same things.

This works also the opposite way. If you have negative thoughts or anticipations during the day, these will end up in your dreams. Dedicating yourself to something positive is guaranteed to make your sleep better and dream about the good things in life.

What was the idea you got?

I will tell you all about it later but I’m sure it will be implemented. Or better yet, I will show you why this was important.

I should start sleeping with my list of good ideas on my bedside table. You never know when another stroke of genius is going to strike.