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Money maker’s dilemma – Day 99/139

Making money is really easy. Like the saying goes:

The easiest way to become a millionaire is to start with two million and buy an airline company.

The truth is that money tends go where there is money already. Making your first million is undoubtedly more difficult than making your second one.

But it isn’t just money that money is after.

Let’s assume that we have two equally skilled businessmen who would like you to invest your money in their new venture:

  1. The first one is broke.
  2. The second one is not only broke but he has a million in debt.

Which investment offer is more credible?

I will argue that a history of huge losses is more credible than a history of small profits.

The numbers don’t lie. People do.

The first earnings – Day 82/139

Today, May 2nd 2010 at 17:28 we got the first paying customer in FinderBase.com.

This is remarkable!

The first earnings is a critical point in any business model. Making a dollar of earnings is obviously quite far from the expenses that have been needed to make our service. But we have hope.

There are only two things that are truly important from the business perspective.

  1. Viable business model. Viability meaning that someone actually pays for it.
  2. Scalable business model. Scalability meaning that there are more than one someone who might pay for it.

At this point we can quite safely assume that the first step is completed. Doing the second step is the reason our company exists.

But this is not the whole story.

I will argue that the reason of us getting a customer is not our business model. It is our passion and dedication to do things well and help people. The business model is always just a result, never the cause.