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Understand yourself – Day 115/139

You will probably learn most about yourself through a deep personal discussion with a good friend. If that sounds too demanding, we luckily have the personality profiles like DISC.

Almost everyone knows it but who can use it to their benefit?

I will argue that there is no single right way to use a personality profile to your advantage but here’s one way that is easy and works for me.

Jay Niblick presents the way he uses DISC in the What’s your genius – video #3. The test you take here only takes a few minutes so you can question the accuracy of it but you can also see if there is something to be learned from the results.

You will succeed if you act natural.

The result shows an estimate of both your natural and adaptive behavior styles. Natural style is how you would behave naturally. Adaptive style means how you’ve learned to behave in the current circumstances.

My result shows that I have “D” and “C” values at the natural level but my “I” and “S” are suppressed to a lower level than would come naturally.

The “I” is the interactive behavior, meaning how you prefer to interact with people. This result shows that I’m not interacting enough. This parameter also describes my tendency to show emotion and it could well be that I haven’t managed to do that on the optimal level.

The “S” is the stability-seeking behavior. My natural style shows that i prefer an average amount of stability in my life. Not surprisingly, I’ve adapted my “S” to a much lower level, meaning I’m living a too fast-paced life. Difficult disagree with that but I hope it’s mostly due to this project I’m having. Luckily I only have 24 days left.

Try it yourself and see if you can explain the result.

Send your result here as a comment if you dare.


Lifelong learning – Day 87/139

I was recently interviewed about education and need for professional courses in my business activities. I think I gave all the wrong answers.

In a short period of time my respect for extensive education has collapsed.

I used to believe that education and especially university-level education are the solution to success in our society. Most people still believe that the education you get will predestinate the success for the rest of your life. On average this is true.

But is the success actually caused by the education or could it be that the people who complete their education had been successful regardless of their education?

I will argue that people will learn anyway what they consider inspiring. School works for people who don’t have the passion and motivation to learn stuff themselves.

So, when I was asked what kind of professional courses I would like to have to help my business, I couldn’t think of anything. Even the best people giving courses are seldom passionate about what their students do. In contrast, if there was a person who was both knowledgeable and passionate about their subject and could provide their skills for the students to use, that would be a completely different thing.

The importance of learning cannot be denied.

But everyone should stop and ask why they are learning stuff the way they’re doing it. Are they learning for themselves or for the system? And if the answer is for themselves then why do it as inefficiently as the school system tends to do it. Ask why and try to understand the answer. For example:

Ask your mother why she made you do your homework.