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The end – Day 139/139

WARNING: The reader should be aware that some content in this blog entry may refer to episodes and events they are yet to see.

If you followed the TV series Lost, you probably have an opinion about the final episode. If you haven’t seen it, you can adopt this opinion: it sucked. In my opinion it sucked most because all the mysteries that should have climaxed in the finale just fell flat on their asses.

Through an untrained eye it would seem this project had the same faith.

So, as you can guess, the seed funding round for FinderBase failed. I didn’t become a millionaire even on paper. The overall benefit of this project is the difference between where we are now and where we would be without it. I have a hard time seeing the failure from the multitude of small successes that this project has caused.

But the end is a new beginning.

It is impossible to put in words the huge positive personal impact that this project has had on me. Instead, I’ve arranged a birthday party tomorrow at 5 pm Finnish time at our apartment.

Everyone is welcome.

Please register on the Facebook event page.

See you tomorrow!


Spoils of war – Day 130/139

My war is over and it’s time to check the spoils.

War and entrepreneurship?

People nowadays tend not to have any idea what war means. Same goes for entrepreneurship. At least they have in common that neither is positively just good or evil although they both have heavily biased characteristics on that scale.

Both war and entrepreneurship offer enormous opportunities. Great things are started from death and renewal. Finland has lost almost every war in the country’s history. Still it has managed to become a wealthy nation on the international scale.

Positive mindset on the edge of despair.

During the war last week I was badly wounded. I lost my right arm in a grenade attack and lost consciousness shortly after. I was taken to a medic and later evacuated.

Losing an arm in a war-game isn’t such big a deal. You just miss a few hours of good night sleep. But losing something else while being unconscious is another story.

Who could say it better than Matti Nykänen: “Every chance is an opportunity”.

Press release – Day 80/139

Today’s entry is exceptionally in Finnish.

English summary: See you tomorrow in Kaivopuisto. If you lose or find something, just find our booth.

Julkaisuvapaa heti

FinderBase.com auttaa löytämään

Helsinki 30.4.2010 — Vasta-avattu yhteisöllinen löytötavarapalvelu FinderBase.com antaa jokaiselle mahdollisuuden listata kartalle löytämiään ja hukkaamiaan asioita lapasesta sateenvarjoon ja koirasta kadonneeseen rakkauteen. Palvelu saa juhlallisen avauksen vapunpäivänä Ullanlinnanmäen vapputungoksessa, jossa löytötavaroista ei ole pulaa.

”Auttaminen pitää tehdä helpoksi!” julistaa palvelun perustaja Petteri Kontio. ”Aikaisemmin on ollut liki mahdotonta auttaa ja palauttaa löytämänsä tavara omistajalleen. Nyt se on vaivatonta”, Petteri vakuuttaa. ”Kehittämämme yhteisöpalvelu FinderBase.com ratkaisee tämän ongelman tehden auttamisen helpoksi ja maksuttomaksi.”

”Tavoitteenamme on, ettei yksikään hanska jää ilman rakastamaansa puolisoa!” Petteri innostuu ja lupaa jokaiselle vappuhulinassa Ullanlinnanmäellä löytötavaran palveluun kirjanneelle lakupatukan vaivanpalkaksi.
Löytämisen riemua!

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