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Without movement there is nothing – Day 58/139

On the sixth day of my project I wrote about the power of making a movement. Not only is making a movement a powerful way to achieve something but it could in fact be the only way to achieve anything remarkable.

Same applies in physics – everything is based on movement.

It could be that everything we’ve been taught about marketing and business in general is rubbish. It all comes down to the fundamental question: what is remarkable enough to create a movement around it?

Mitch Joel has crystallized the importance of creating a movement in his 2009 blog entry titled “Start a movement”. The basic message in his post is simple. Do something unique and simple enough that the others can follow.

Everyone should know the type of movement they are trying to create with their actions. If I’m asked what I’m trying to achieve, my answer is:

To turn helping others into a movement.

Once you know the movement you’re trying to create, suddenly the things you do are important. Like Joel put it:

“Starting a blog is boring. Starting a movement is exciting.”

Do you know the movement you are working towards?