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The power of the movement – Day 6/139

Yesterday, I read the blog entry “Leadership Lessons from Dancing Guy” by Derek Sivers where he vividly demonstrates how a movement gains momentum in the Internet (thanks to Antti for linking this to me). I’ve attached here the video he used and I hope you can spare three minutes of your time to view it.

Sivers created the concept about the First Follower, the person who is brave enough follow someone else doing something stupid that could potentially become awesome. In a later blog entry he encourages people to steal his idea about the First Follower and use it in any way we please. I really want to use it, so here goes:

Having had this blog for almost a full week now makes me, at times, feel like a complete dork. But the more I keep doing it, the more sense it makes to me.

I’m really grateful for all the people who have shown support for this project but we’re still missing the strong bond that you need between the leader and the follower.

In which stage do you want to hop along? How close to my goal should I get before its safe to join in and have a share of the fun?