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Sharing the money – Day 4/139

Some people are skeptical about making money in the Internet and their lack of skills to do so. I’m going to give out $ 100,000 of my million to the people participating in this campaign.

How does it work?

In the end of my project I’ll pay $1 per each new visitor you’re able to get to view this blog. This campaign ends after the blog has gained its first 100,000 visitors. There is no minimum number of visitors you should bring to take part in the campaign. This is actually a really good payout since pay per click advertisers usually pay only a few cents per each incoming visitor.

But if you fail we get nothing

Obviously this is offer is only interesting to people who believe in this project in the first place. But just to make it more interesting I promise to pay out this money even if I won’t make the whole million and if I end up raising less than $100,000 I will give you guys whatever I’ve raised that far in proportion to the visits you got to this site.

Where can I find these visitors?

There are plenty of ways to find people in the Internet. Here are some examples:

  • Post it to your blog
  • Post it to a forum or a newsgroup
  • Share it in Facebook, Twitter, del.icio.us etc
  • Attach it to a funny picture and send it to an imageboard
  • Present it as a story that you relate to and share it with your friends
  • Slashdot it
  • Use IRC or other chat room to share it
  • Get it to a high score list in some game.

Then, last but not least, you must remember to register the website that you used to link to this blog. Please use this form to register a URL. Only the first person to register a specific URL will receive the money but anyone can register any number of URLs they please.

I you link here from something other than a unique website, you will probably want to create a redirection page. If you don’t know how, just let me know and I’ll help you.