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Business dementors – Day 108/139

Having a good mentor is a great way to support any business.  A mentor can either actively give their advice or passively follow a company and provide their knowledge when they consider it necessary.

Could the opposite of a mentor be called dementor? Let’s see what Harry Potter Wiki says about them:

Dementors feed off human happiness, and thus cause depression and despair to any who are in close proximity to them. They are also capable of consuming a person’s soul, leaving their victims in a permanent vegetative state, and thus are often referred to as soul-sucking fiends.

Not surprisingly, business life is full of dementors that fully match the above description.

Here’s an example of a pack of dementors in action (in Finnish but you’ll get a clue without understanding the language):

Somehow, we have managed to avoid the business dementors in our project so far. But I believe a dementor is a valuable thing to have. Not because they suck your soul but because you have to be hard as a rock to resist them.

So, if you think you have the balls to become our dementor, let us know.


Good or bad argument? – Day 103/139

Under the weekend I met with a group of interesting people, including my three brothers. They have a habit of steering the discussion to the philosophical level. Here are two highlights that I’d like to mention.

Any argument is a reflection of a person’s own thoughts.

All people are irritated by something. Expressing one’s irritation is often an unsolved personal issue that has the habit of appearing ridiculous when explored a bit deeper.

Still, almost all people leave these issues unsolved. This leads to embittered behaviour that becomes increasingly difficult to solve.

A healthy environment of reflection and analysis from the peers is helpful to handle these issues. The more open the discussion, the better the expected result. This leads us to the second point.

How do you want to spend your time?

Every moment is unique. Everyone has the chance to cherish each moment of their lives if they want to. Doing this even for a few seconds per day would have a huge impact in the long run.

To me the best part of the weekend was when I was mocked about my table manners. Such argument can be quite beneficial to the whole dinner party.

So which one is it?

Negative feelings about this blog entry? What can you learn about yourself?

Positive feelings about this blog entry? Keep that thought and try to copy it to something else you do today.

Positive feedback – Day 48/139

During the last few days I’ve received quite a few praises about my project and especially about my openness and the inspiring message in my writings.

Generally, it takes miracles for anyone to send positive feedback.

I will argue that people tend not to send feedback unless they are really impressed about something. If half-a-dozen people have been inspired about my project in the last few days, there has to be a great majority who just haven’t found the words to say it.

Why is the positive feedback so important?

The theoretical concept of positive feedback in sociology has the answer:

If enough people believe that something is true, their behavior makes it true.

The only weakness in this phenomenon is that only publicly expressed feedback counts. Luckily, only 2 % of my readers are hoping for my project to fail and probably have nothing positive to say about it.

Even a smile is an expressed positive feedback.

Giving positive feedback to other people doesn’t require effort. Think of a society, where people expressed positive emotions even without any apparent reason.

Give it a go! Try smiling with the next few people you meet and see how they react. Then come back here and tell us how it went.

Bullshit bingo – Day 35/139

I’ve experienced both positive and negative feedback regarding my project. Positive feedback is always nice for building your confidence but negative feedback is the only way to learn. And I’m learning to love negative feedback. One recurring theme in the feedback that I get is that I’m bullshitting people. There are indeed ways I could be doing just that.

You make people work for you for free

I’ve tried to discuss the concept of money with everyone who has expressed interest for my project. Most people agree that money is not really that important. There is nothing wrong in wanting to have money and I will do my best in giving all the stakeholders the money that they deserve. I’ve set my fair share on $1,000,000 but a person that contributes twice as much as I’ve done should obviously receive $2,000,000.

There is a huge risk for everyone involved

Risk is an interesting concept. Risk is usually connected to money. A risk with an estimated reward becomes a calculated risk. In financial terms my personal risk in being an entrepreneur is around 50,000 € per year. That is the difference of my current income and the income that I could be making just working for the “industry”.

An entrepreneurial team is the ideal environment for setting the personal risk level. You can leverage the risk as high as you want or you could be doing it just for the salary.

This is some multi-level marketing trick

Most people have witnessed one or more of their friends being tricked into these affiliate marketing tricks. In Finland, the story of WinCapita is still in people’s minds.

We will be building a company with an honest and a tangible product. When we get that far, we will need a limited company. The only similarity to a pyramid scheme is that the early people tend to get more with the same money than the ones that get along later. That doesn’t mean getting along later couldn’t be handsomely rewarded.

You’re just building a large audience and then start selling some crap in your blog

Every company is selling something. I’m not even sure if we absolutely need to sell something during this project. Internet is an environment where a service can be valuable even though it wasn’t selling anything. Obviously there still has to be a potential to sell something in future.

I have already been contacted with an offer to invest money in what I do. But this blog won’t become a company. This blog does not want anyone’s money nor will it be selling anything. So wait until you know exactly what you’re getting before paying your money. Otherwise someone just might be bullshitting you.