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Giving is receiving – Day 16/139

Unselfish giving is one of the most rewarding things a person can do

I’ve never been a huge giver myself but lately I’ve noticed that I get absolutely the best kicks out of helping someone. And giving doesn’t need to cost anything. Sharing your knowledge is the key.

Giving isn’t just limited to people. Companies can also get the benefit and pleasure of giving and helping people. Miikka Leinonen has authored a book called Strategy of Giving. Loyal to its name it can be downloaded free of charge. The book tells us how giving can be an integral part of a company’s strategy building process. In contrast, people can use generosity to build their character.

How can I benefit from giving?

People can choose to implement the strategy of giving in their own lives. If you’re sincere in what you do, you will be noticed in a positive way.

A friend of mine posted a wonderful example of how to change your life for better:

  • Whenever you do something, try to think if you do it for yourself of for others.
  • If it’s more for others, you get one point (+1).
  • You could even mark the point on your list of good ideas every time you get one.

Here’s one way to play the game we call life. Try increasing your score by one each day and you’ll be a saint by the end of the year.