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How to attract customers – Day 33/139

Many business owners are struggling with getting customers. Here is one way to do it.

The convenience store Siwa in Alppila, Helsinki has an interesting advertisement shown directly to all customers entering the shop. They have a sign that says:

Koululaiset kauppaan yksi kerrallaan. Kiitos.

Schoolchildren may enter the shop only one at a time. Thank you.

This message is wrong on so many levels that it’s hard to decide where to start. The sign delivers a message that:

  1. the personnel is keeping an eye on you
  2. all the schoolchildren are thieves
  3. the personnel is stupid enough to think this sign would make any difference for the “bad kids”
  4. in general they don’t welcome customers in their store.

It seems the shopkeeper has a problem.  This message is so wrong that it sure isn’t hard to think of a better sign.  I printed them a new sign with the opposite message:

Schoolchildren should enter the shop all at once. Thank you.

The sign is printed on a folded A4 with 72 pt Times New Roman font. Now you can contribute too:

Make the shopkeeper a new sign and post your suggestion here.

Here is a chance to put your marketing skills to test.