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Sales vs. games vs. sports – Day 125/139

Today’s guest blogger is Jouni Riuttanen, VP sales at FinderBase.com.

Sales has some similarities with games and sports. If a person is successful in any of these, the person is likely to have some competitive spirit.

I think the biggest difference between sports and sales is the importance of winning. In sports you can still make your way up to the podium if you are the second best. You can enjoy playing games even without winning. Is sales, only winning is important. If you don’t win the deal, you might end up getting nothing. There are no silver or bronze medals, only a gold medal.

One of the most important similarities between sports, games and sales is the team and playing as a team. A good sales team must have different skills and a salesperson also might need some support from a marketing person. It also helps to have good engineers to design competitive products. Playing together enables full potential of individuals and increases chances of winning. And winning is all that counts is sales.


Ecological and ethical – Day 72/139

It was already in February when I got involved with this project. I was immediately interested as I saw the ecological and social perspectives involved.

As a team member I am in charge of cooperation. That includes companies, authorities and charities, among others. I started the project by interviewing some of these main interest groups.

Early on it became clear that customer dissatisfaction is very common among the existing customers in the market we’re targeting. Companies refuse to outsource these services because there is no one on the market they would like to cooperate with.

From the environmental perspective the current situation doesn’t make sense. Tons of perfectly good products are thrown away by companies in all parts of the distribution chain. People who try to use this system like it’s intended are ruthlessly abused and end up paying for nothing.

Remote services and lacking information between different locations are also challenges that the current market is facing. You really have to make an effort to go and do something you could do in just a few clicks on your web browser.

A nation-wide service that combines all the actors in this industry and creates a new communicating platform for them is really necessary.

Today’s blogger Tiina Aulanko does marketing of ethical and ecological products.

Recitals of life – Day 71/139

Last Sunday, I gave a recital in Helsinki. I sang Songs of Travel by Ralph Vaughan Williams and Finnish modernist Yrjö Kilpinen’s songs from series Kanteletarlauluja and Tunturilauluja. Pianist was Joel Papinoja.

Every now and then, when I am alone in the rehearsal room my mind wanders off to metaphysical questions. What is being? Why do I exist? Why do I waste my time singing? Why do I think this kind of things?

An outside observer would say that the recital on Sunday was what recitals basically are: we were at the stage and streamed the information to the audience which received it. That is the way most of the people see it.

A bus is an excellent place to observe people; people look out as if they were in null mode. Immediately, when they notice a friend entering the bus, they change the mode. They start to communicate. They come back to life.

Being is a crucial part of performing. If you are not at the stage you are not able to perform. Conceptualizing being through communication is a way to realise the idea of a singing performance. In the singing performance, the singer is not only a transmitting object: the singer becomes a part of the spectator’s mind and vice versa. The communication converts their minds into one. During the performance, the singer and the audience are only one mind.

I saw my old friend Petteri had started to write this blog. I called him and I was in. The project is spectacular. The project meetings are in many ways similar to a singing performance. They are both what I would call compressed being.

Today’s blogger is Oskari Nokso-Koivisto – the artistic director of the millionbefore30 project.

The importance of you – Day 70/139

Everything in our lives is connected to everything we are. We cannot experience anything without being the person who has lived our past.

The parts of our life are intertwined and one part affects the others more than we may think. It’s obvious when we start to think about it. The mood swings in a personal relationship, for example, will affect the mental state of a person in all areas of life. I will argue that people focus most of their attention to the part of life that gives them most pleasure and least pain.

Is there something wrong with this?

The answer is no.  But if you focus all your energy to the part of life that feels the best, you are instantly missing out on the other parts that potentially could make you feel even better. Or better yet, achieve a full joy in life.

What are people really trying to achieve in life?

I believe the three things that people try to achieve in life – either consciously or subconsciously – are happiness, joy and excitement. To achieve that you need to work in all areas of life. Everything affects everything so you can’t give your 100 % in any area unless all the other areas are on the same level.

My advice is to put your attention to solutions in areas that need most fixing. Those areas are the ones that are the hardest to put attention to and the ones that most negatively affect all the other areas.

So, don’t get sucked into the easy pleasures, but  focus on putting your life in balance and you and everyone around you will get more pleasure from life.

All is one, one is all.

Today’s blogger is Ihmeparantaja Iiro – one of the highest valued life coaches in the country and the team spirit consultant of the millionbefore30 project.

My dream organization – Day 63/139

After a month of intensive development we had today an internal kick-off where the team members got to meet each other for the first time. I’m positively stunned by the great atmosphere and enthusiasm these people will bring to the table.

But a company needs to be organized.

We created an organization of six teams according to the needs of the future company. Following teams were created:

  1. General management team
  2. Technology and software team
  3. Business models team
  4. Product launch and marketing team
  5. Communications and branding team
  6. Stakeholder relations team

Every team has a leader who is responsible for achieving the goals set for that team. The best part is that after a while I no longer have to holding all the strings. People get to dedicate their effort to the area they fell most passionate about.

Founding a new company is now closer than ever.

We even got news that after a cancellation are now invited to the Aalto ES boot camp. This is a great opportunity to present our newly created organization in action.

Involved or committed? – Day 53/139

The success of a new venture is almost entirely dependent on the commitment of the entrepreneurial team.

Let me present you the classic story of the pig and the chicken:

What can we learn from this?

In a typical case the whole team is made of chickens. That is, people who contribute to the common goal but in the end have nothing to lose.

But a team made of chickens has rarely achieved anything remarkable. People appreciate commitment and especially when the team is looking for venture funding it’s critical that they are committed.

Why on earth would the pigs commit?

If you’re the pig, you should ask yourself two questions:

  1. Is the ham-n-eggs business really what you want to do?
  2. If yes, could you get more pigs to share the responsibility?

After that it’s easier to calculate your risk and expect a reward accordingly.

Expectations – Day 50/139

Yesterday, we met a number of interesting people on the Boot Camp Info Lunch.

Our team of 9 people has applied to the program with the sole purpose of launching our service during the spring. Our team has strong competence in the fields of software development, marketing and sales but less on finance for example.

We have high expectations from the Boot Camp.

The Aalto ES Boot Camp is the first of its kind in Finland. It will be an honor to participate and we’re sure to use the professional advice the best we can. We will surely get to present our idea and hopefully raise discussion and get people to challenge us.

We’re expecting to hear tomorrow if we’ve been accepted to the program.

A company is a jigsaw puzzle – Day 41/139

Have you ever been puzzled by how a company works?

Let me tell you how.

A company is a jigsaw puzzle where people are the unique pieces of a larger entity. Each individual has a certain way they fit to the team. A person in a wrong role might feel like a close fit but in the end is found more or less useless.

The manager is the person who plays the puzzle. A good manager sees the similarities between two or more people and finds the way to fit them into the organization. Not every piece out there will ever fit the puzzle.

A complete puzzle forms a bigger picture.

The company is truly successful when all the pieces fit. When that happens it is irrelevant what the bigger picture actually is. A team with a perfect fit can be successful in anything.

What can we learn from all this?

If you’re a piece of the puzzle, make sure you fit perfectly at least with all the pieces next to you.

If you’re playing the puzzle make sure you have the right set of pieces to start with. Otherwise you’ll end up frustrated with an unfinished puzzle.

Codin’ & pitchin’ – Day 32/139

Today we finally started developing our new social media web service. Two developers sat 11 hours straight for building the foundation in a functioning community.

I’ve worked a few years managing software projects and I can say these guys did in 11 hours what it takes a team of two 11 days in an average software firm. And they did the job with virtually zero management.

What did you do then?

I was running in circles and pitching our idea to a dozen people. Big thanks to all you who helped to develop the idea further.

One of these pitches was even videotaped so you can find the it online if you know where to look. However, it’s a poor quality video and will probably give you totally wrong idea on the whole concept, so don’t waste your time searching for it.

Where’s is the demo?

The demo will be out when it’s ready. Hopefully tomorrow. Or next week. Or Later.

Status update 3 – Day 27/139

So far this project has been an outstanding success

Four weeks ago I had no idea how much we could achieve in less than a month. What I do know is that we will do something big. Here’s a small overview of the current status:

  • Apart from myself, six fantastic and talented people have expressed their dedication for my project. A few more were hired.
  • Four multi-million-turnover companies were interviewed and all of them found our solution interesting. One of them even considered it worth paying for. All of them share the pain in the way things are currently handled.
  • 100 people were interviewed for a market study and 74 of them say they would pay for our service if it sincerely tried to help them. If it actually succeeded in helping them the figure was 95.
  • The global annual market size is estimated to be around 200–300 M€.
  • Three “big shots” in the field of web 2.0 and social media have agreed to give us an audience.

And we quote Jesus on our business plan. Can it really get better than this?