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Control issues – Day 104/139

In the TEDx Helsinki event a few weeks ago Mikael Jungner spoke about control and lack of control. Mikael has a habit of saying things that make sense. If you understand Finnish and have 16 minutes to spare, feel free to judge for yourself:

Jungner wants a world without control. He illustrates an ideal company that is something for everyone to consider:

  1. The employees would choose the CEO.
  2. The customers would pay according to what they felt the company has earned.
  3. The employees would get a salary they felt they earned.

This structure is really something to aim for. The best part is that it works well in a start-up but gets increasingly difficult in the long run. The long run meaning that the company starts spending its resources to control itself, not solving the problems of its customers.

Does control ever make any sense?

Jungner ends his speech with an example of the 1,000,000,000 monthly hours that are spent in Facebook games. Much of these are probably spent by employees in companies that are thinking whether they should limit Facebook usage. A person does his job without any control mechanisms if he wants to do it.

Instead of control we should offer alternatives.

Could these bored people start collecting nearly worthless lost items and start posting them in the Internet instead of playing Facebook games? Could playing a game be both fun and actually have a positive impact on other people’s lives?


It’s why you do it – Day 86/139

Yesterday I saw a great video once again recorded on last year’s TED talks. Simon Sinek spent his 18 minutes by explaining how great leaders inspire action. It’s stuff that anyone can understand so I can fully recommend watching it.

The core of his message is the model with three levels of message:

  1. Why
  2. How
  3. What

Whatever you do, remember why you do it.

This message is undeniable and experience shows it to be true. People who do stuff for the wrong motives are seldom successful. People who know why they do what they do will succeed. This same applies to companies. Everyone working for a company must know why the company exists in the first place. The marketing message should start from the core of “Why” and develop via “How” to the concrete “What”.

We know why.

We want to see a world where everyone knows what to do when they see a lost item lying around. We want them to say “hey, I need to tell the owner I found it”. We will make FinderBase.com the service that first comes to people’s minds when that happens.

Why – How – What

It’s as simple as that.