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Human civilization – Day 105/139

Human civilization has done decisions that it can’t exactly be proud of. Whether real or fake, here’s an Internet meme that illustrates what went wrong:

Society has made free things more difficult.

The problem with the Western civilization is that it solves problems that have been caused by the society itself. The biggest things in our society have been built not for the people but for the society. Think of the biggest industries globally:

  • Banking & investments. Produces nothing of value.
  • Insurance. Produces nothing of value.
  • Oil production. Exploits non-renewable resources.

In contrast, let’s look at the favorite pastimes of Facebook users. Some highlights:

  • Farming. Like growing tomatoes and stuff.
  • Fishing. Growing and catching them etc.
  • Keeping pets. Having your own animals.

Two Eagles knew this already. People don’t need money or the infrastructure as we know it. They just want a farm by a lake to go fishing to with their cat.


What is valuable? – Day 89/139

People constantly make value decisions in their lives. We have to determine the value of time, the value of different commodities and the value of information.

Still, hardly anyone knows what is valuable to them.

People appreciate their surroundings, not based on their own values but based on everyone else’s values. As an example:

  • Stocks are valued based on future expectations.
  • Real estate is valued by what someone else is willing to pay for it.
  • Your time is as valuable as your salary.

This valuation model is crooked. We grow our children to this model without thinking about it. But there has to be another way.

What if the society is transforming from consumer-based to value-based?

Already now more and more people are seeing value in the things that are, not in the things that could be. Value-based society would value things on what is real:

  • Stocks would be priced on the way a company can actually contribute to the society.
  • Real estate would be valued based on how much it costs to build a new house.
  • Your time would be invaluable.

Who wouldn’t like to be a part of such society?