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Seeing is believing – Day 134/139

Today’s guest blogger is Ville Taajamaa, business development and internationalization manager at FinderBase.

There is an old story about three blind wise men trying to make sense of an elephant. They started each from their own corners and felt their way through. Then the arguing started:

  • Elephant is an animal with a big long nose said one
  • no, elephant is an animal with bulky legs said the other
  • no, you are both wrong, elephant is an animal with huge ears.

There was no resolution although everyone was right.

My China is this elephant.

My China is a nation that puts great value to people, education, learning, working hard and strong family and friendship ties. Not to forget the best food in the world. The next steps in both the local and the global path for China are evident:

  1. The environment has to last also to our grand children’s children.
  2. The difference between the quality of life in cities and in rural areas needs to be diminished.

To tackle these challenges, China differs from other BRIC (Brazil, Russia, India & China) nations in one crucial perspective. China is centralistic. Once something is decided, it can be implemented with a speed that leaves you gasping for air.

FinderBase could be one blind wise man to the elephant.

FinderBase has a great opportunity to offer valuable platform to the Chinese audience. China is a community that cares. There is an actual need for a service that connects people with their lost valuables to those who care and want to help.

With one word the market can be described as big. In China people are honest and always eager to help. FinderBase can offer technological and service-based value by connecting both urban and rural areas and helping people to find each other.

Let’s make the world a better place!


It’s just a game – Day 9/139

I will dedicate today and tomorrow to fun and games, so it’s appropriate to share how I feel about games and playing.

People spend enormous amount of time and effort building their success in virtual worlds. Internet games have become the obsession for many. The peer pressure of the teammates and the feel of achievement makes people put endless amount of time and considerable amount of money to build something only exists in the virtual world.

So what’s wrong with the real world?

The real world is just a game like the others. The rules are more complex and the opportunities are endless but the very same principles work in the real world. Putting time to build your real life self is the only key to success.

Real world is too slow for my taste

This is what I’ve heard people say when they try to justify their character building in World of Warcraft, for example. But really, It all depends on what you decide to do. In the real world there is no limit on how fast you can build your experience or skills and there is neither a limit to different skills one person can master.

If you think your life sucks, you could try and play with it for a while. If really put your mind to it you will realize that the real world is actually the best game that will ever be made!