The Project

If you’re a new reader to this blog, I suggest you start by reading the first few posts starting from “Making a million project – Day 1/139“.

The first spark that I got for this project was from my brother Antti in early February. Antti is starting his career as a life coach / personal trainer in his own company Itse and made me think what I want to do with my life.

This project was started on February 10, 2010. I shared the idea with my wife and closest relatives and got rather neutral feedback. Already the same evening I had written my first blog entry and set my mind on the target: “how to make a million dollars by my 30th birthday“. For the nitpicks I defined the goal so that it is in US dollars and a valuation of my personal ownership in one or more companies is fine.

The two basic things I believe are going to make this project happen:

  1. Entrepreneurship. Building a company with a future is the fastest way to generate value.
  2. Helping people. Company is only as valuable as the value it generates to its customers now and in the future. Helping people is what changed the way I think about entrepreneurship and doing business in general.

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