Life is full of opportunities

My project was not only about me but everyone around me, so I felt the need to offer my help to the people who want to follow my example. Here is the list of challenges I offered to my readers during the 139 days of the project:

  1. On Day 4 I challenged people to link to my blog by offering $1 per click for each new visitor until the 100,000th visitor. Less than 5,000 visitors were brought to this website by these active linkers.
  2. On Day 5 I offered to help one person or team each day to take their own business idea further. A few teams did indeed come by for a chat.
  3. On Day 11 I offered people a job where they could decide their own salary. Five people accepted the challenge and joined my team.
  4. On Day 12 I offered to buy a list of 100 good ideas gathered during this project for $100. So far no one has handed in their list.
  5. On Day 15 I linked to a survey that will help you identify your strengths.
  6. On Day 24 I offered a chance to tell me what you want me to do.
  7. On Day 44 I opened the registration for an alpha testing mailing list.
  8. On Day 100 I gave a hint about a stock issue.
  9. On Day 122 I opened a mailing list for potential seed investors. The seed investment round failed on the last day of this project.

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