A list of good ideas – Day 12/139

People often make lists of things they have to remember. To-do lists and shopping lists are probably the most common examples. After I started my project I’ve  carried with me small pieces of paper I call the List of Good Ideas.

I don’t get any good ideas

Everyone gets good ideas. Most people just forget them because they refuse to write them down. Not all ideas are brilliant but if you have enough of them, they can’t all be bad either.

If I only got a dollar every time I had a good idea

Now you can. Take a piece of paper or a notebook and start carrying it around. Whenever you get a good idea write it to your list. Try to write down at least the best idea every day and you’ll end up with a list that is extremely valuable.

I promise to buy their list for $100 from anyone who manages to keep filling it for 100 days during my project. There are still 127 days left so you don’t even have to do it every day. To claim your $100 we’ll just arrange a meeting and go through your list. If you wish to keep the list yourself, I’d love to help you develop your ideas further.


6 responses to “A list of good ideas – Day 12/139

  1. I suppose they don’t have to be straight business ideas but can be more of an abstract of some kind of service or idea?

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  3. I like the idea of writing down at least one idea per day. I’ll promise to try this one out 🙂

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