It takes guts to succeed – Day 21/139

Yesterday, I talked with a person who professionally buys items to be sold on her shop. Much of this business is about optimization of both the collection and the volumes to maximize sales. However, she gave one advice that shouldn’t be taken lightly.

If you get the chills on any product, just buy them

I will argue that is an important lesson in whatever we do. Trust your gut. If it works for objects it sure works for services and even people. The gut feeling is so primitive that it is impossible to analytically to determine all the factors that affect it.

But does it work?

In a 1994 study about surgeon’s gut feeling before an operation it was discovered that the surgeon’s instinct was a good indicator of the patient’s future. One could argue that the gut feeling is a crucial part of the doctor’s skills. Even so, the feeling is produced in a complex social event that has more variables than can be measured.

How could it be used?

When you get an idea and your gut tells you it’s a good one, just trust your gut. Or can you remember an event in your life when your gut feeling was wrong about something?


2 responses to “It takes guts to succeed – Day 21/139

  1. Jussi Räsänen

    Even when buying a house, Lehrer argues, it’s better to trust our “gut” instinct – the emotional brain is able to process millions of bits of data simultaneously – than let clumsy reason cloud the issue by overanalysing.

  2. Yesterday on the gym, I browsed through an article from Tieteen Kuvalehti which was telling exactly the same thing that you are talking about. Instinct realies on many factors, like personal history and past instincts and their results, which pure logical reasoning can not fully take into account.

    PS. Looking forward to see how the new social media works!

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