Solution is a dream – Day 78/139

When you have defined your problem, you need to solve it. Basically, you have two options:

  1. Solving it with incremental improvements. Just making it better in some respect.
  2. Solving it with a radical innovation. Forget the current problem and redefine it.

Both of these models can create a business that serves the customers. But if you can do something the radical way, there is a good change that it will also be something remarkable.

Our solution is a radical one

We’ve turned the problem of lost property upside down. Instead of concentrating the lost property to a single point, we want to share the responsibility in a social way.

People know how frustrating it is to lose something

The current business models in the field are about making money. If you call a lost property office, you’re charged a premium rate per minute. If you’re lucky enough to find your stuff back you have to pay the office storage/handling fees. The current system creates value primarily to the companies not to the customers.

People have the same problem everywhere

People don’t lose their stuff only in Finland. It’s tempting to think we’re working with a global business. Saying it is global is obviously self-deception. People find stuff locally, not globally. Same goes for losing stuff. But a dream shouldn’t be local, it should be global. Our dream is to revolutionize the way people think about lost property.

We want to be local on a global scale. The word is Glocal.


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