A word of caution – Day 112/139

To celebrate the emergency number day 112 of my project, here is a word of caution:


I got one yesterday. Feels a bit silly to praise a gadget that has been out there for several years so I’m just warning about its hazards instead.

  • Your life will never be the same again after getting one. When you’re retired you will remember the time before you had an iPhone as the “time before you had an iPhone“.
  • You will feel extremely stupid having it this late in the game.
  • You will be impressed by the ingenuity of simple things that work. And I consider myself to be tough to impress with technology.
  • You will spend numerous hours thinking what it could do for you and find out that it can do pretty much everything.
  • Finally you realize it can’t do the one single thing that you absolutely must accomplish and trying to get it done will drive you mad.

So if you want to maintain your sanity, don’t get one.

And don’t ruin the illusion of  it being the perfect gadget by getting one and finding it’s not. It’s essential to have something in your life to dream about.


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