How to handle feedback? – Day 90/139

Today, we’ve spent most of our time convincing different organizations and stakeholders on the greatness of our service. Our model is good because it has very little to object.

We are not actually selling a product or a service, we’re selling a dream of the future.

The funny thing about doing stuff with any organization or individual is that it almost never goes as planned. You always have two ways to react when that happens:

  1. Adapt and change your behavior.
  2. Ignore the feedback and move on like nothing happened.

Both of these alternatives have their sides. The first one is risky because it will cause you to change a strategy you’ve chosen. The second one is risky because following this might cause you to end up ignoring a great majority of your potential customers.

What you should do depends on what you have.

If you have the best solution in the world, you’ll find the second alternative much easier. You don’t want to change your idea but stick with what you know best.

If you have the best team out there, you’ll find the first alternative extremely easy. You can dynamically choose the strategy that you’ll find most lucrative.

That is why you should do exactly the opposite.

I will argue that great start-ups ran into trouble exactly because they follow the path that they find most convenient. Great teams end up doing miscellaneous stuff and great solutions are destroyed because they can’t adapt.

Which way are you handling your feedback?


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